October 4,2023 9:00am-3:00pm

October 11,2023 9:00am-3:00pm

        To apply for LI-HEAP ( Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program ) benefits, you will need the following documents:


·       Unexpired photo ID for primary applicant (driver's license, state ID, EBT card w/photo, passport)


·       SSN cards and dates of birth for all household members (or SSN verification document)


·       Fuel vendor name and account #


·       Most recent CMP bill (to include account #, service address and the graph of usage) (Note: bill must be in the name of a household member in order to apply for any of the CMP low-income assistance programs.


·       Most recent Water District or natural gas bill- if applicable


·       If rent is subsidized, please bring a housing certification letter (HUD form 50058/59 or RD 3560-8) in effect on date of application.


·       Proof of gross income for all household members (pay stubs for past three to 12 months, Social Security award letter, pension benefit statement, and if self-employed, a 2022 federal tax return)




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